High Level:

Humanity is at the brink of extinction, there are mutated creatures at every turn.. Most think this is the end for the human race, but they do not know the work of Dr. Phd Guy Md - whom created an AI based lab so intelligent, it functioned on its own. After the passing of Dr. Guy and the impending doom of the humans fate, the AI (Albert) decides to continue his creators work. Albert creates an afterimage of Dr. Guy that is able to interact with the world as we know it, in order to gather mutated DNA from the creatures that lurk within the lab and ultimately create the cure for the human race's ailment.


Philip Petersen: Player Controller programming, Camera programming, Minimap, Level Design.

Vivi Ma: Puzzle Concept/Programming.

Alexandre Laliberte-Mercier: Monster programming, Assisted on Player Controller programming, Attack concept/programming.

Sean Humphrey: Puzzle UI/Functionality.

Nathaniel Gibbs Ramenda: Monster Concept, Unity Canvas text.

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